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It’s All About The Cuts Right Now

Work from home. The new influencer. A fresh post-COVID denim wave has hit the world.

  • By Marvel
  • Jun 10, 2021

Lounging in your sweats, eating leftover pizza on a Wednesday morning and playing beer pong while attending online meetings was never something we thought the world would come to.
But who said your jeans need to go into hibernation? Look how your fellow jean-lovers have shifted from uncomfortable cuts for denims to silhouettes that are more relaxed. Perfect for the “quarantine days”.

"Kendall is seen wearing her baggy jeans to parties with tank tops and we are definitely loving it, ‘cause who dresses up these days anyway."

Lockdown styles are here to stay

Wearing your tight skinny jeans and sitting at home is so not an option. That’s why we say lockdown styles are in to stay.

The lockdown closet is a direct result of trends being influenced by people. We can now see real people make real trends for themselves. Not to mention how social media has made the whole street style inspirations available at our fingertips. It’s all about being comfortable but also looking good this season. Barrel leg, straight leg, boot leg, and baggy jeans are all the rage. Kendall is seen wearing her baggy jeans to parties with tank tops and we are definitely loving it, ‘cause who dresses up these days anyway. It’s all about keeping it “cas”(casual) right? Even though we can see some people daring to sport the low-rise, high rise is the one to stay, and we are glad about that.

Out with the “Trashy”

Crazy styles, loud embellishments and uncomfortable shapes are definitely out for this season. This new wave is all about good quality denim, classic cuts - maybe with a small tweak. It was when they started adding too much stretch that they killed the whole skinny jeans trend; it started to look trashy at some point and unforgivably uncomfortable. Also the fabric that has so much elastane is unrecyclable.

A Denim Statement

People have started to sport their pair of denims as a statement piece, unlike how it was seen as an off-duty wardrobe staple till now. Madison Beer and Kylie Jenner have all been seen sipping matcha and chilling in their denims at home. Now we can see the comeback of an era when jeans were stretch free, thick and voluminous. This spring-summer 2021 is all about looser fits and wearable fabric. Coloured jeans aren’t really making a comeback ever is what we like to believe, but jeans that are caramel, bone and cream coloured are being seen everywhere.

Nailing the top-to-bottom monochrome look hasn’t been easier with these denims. Colour-blocking your denims is also something that can pep up your outfit without having to take too much effort. Leonie was spotted in a pastel pink tee, carrying a lemon yellow Bottega Veneta ‘Pouch Bag’ that’s everywhere. So colour-blocking with accessories is an easy way to look like you tried, cause we know how lazy this lockdown has made us all.

Invest in lighter washes and looser cuts. Embellishments and detailing can take a back seat for a while. But, asymmetric zipping detail is something you can consider if you do have a thing for littles pleasures in life. Under the spell of an extreme moodswing (or so you may claim in public), you can go for dramatic bootlegs or even ones with slits.

What’s up next?

Specifically talking about the cuts - flared and wide legs were seen stealing the show last autumn winter. Now the attention has shifted to cleaner fits that hug the body just enough, giving you ample room for movement. The straight leg jeans and bootcuts are selling like hot cakes already. Bella Hadid and Cami Carrie have been noticed wearing their favourite pair of mom jeans already. So before you make fun of your mom’s loose fitted everyday pair (that she literally wears everywhere), rethink. ‘Cause she was right. It’s never going to go out of style after all.