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Moisture support + Repairs + Regenerates

1. Moisture, moisture and then some: A powerhouse when it comes to hydration and moisture retention, Snail Mucin is the new age skincare hero that everybody needs. Its chemical composition includes ingredients such as elastin, allantoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and other antibacterials. With a composition like this, you can only imagine the myriad benefits that Snail Mucin can provide to the skin. It contains high molecular weight peptides that help in healing wounds and repair damaged tissues. It effectively retains moisture in the skin and also supports cell regeneration. With a 70% concentration of snail mucin in this product, your skin s barrier is pretty much fully protected. It also has incredible anti-ageing potential and helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles by activating collagen production in the skin. Simply put, snail music is a storehouse of moisture that not just draws it into the skin, but also seals it, giving you a youthful and radiant glow.

2. The OG hydration active: Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient that we are all familiar with now. It s an absolute favourite among the skin care community and rightfully so. Hyaluronic Acid is already present in the human body and basically works to improve the hydration and moisture levels in the skin, eyes and joints. It is a humectant and its molecules can hold 1000 times its weight in water. This helps to replenish the skin s moisture and smoothing it. It also has great anti-ageing benefits as the moisture helps to decrease the depth of wrinkles on the face, thereby enhancing the skin s natural elasticity and firmness.

3. A calming plant remedy: Aloe vera juice is yet another popular ingredient used in skin care. It is extracted from Aloe vera which is a plant that is revered for its multiple skin benefiting properties. It is made up of 99% water along with other active ingredients that together help to heal the skin. Its antiviral, anti-fungal and cell-regenerative properties help to protect the skin from within and also help to reduce the appearance of acne. It is also loaded with Vitamin C that provides necessary antioxidant benefits to the skin that helps fight inflammation and repairs the skin from within.

4. Suitable for: Improving moisture balance and soothing sensitive skin.

Net Weight : 50g


Step 1 - Apply a thin layer on the face and massage well. Leave it overnight.

Step 2 - For best results, use this as the last step to your night time skincare routine.

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